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Kyle Dwyer, Broker with Sarah Dwyer

We know the importance of properly taking care of an investment property. There are many things that determine a good property manager, and the most important is TRUST. Asset Hero Property Management is a family-owned and operated business that makes the happiness of our customers and clients the absolute highest priority. How does this set us apart from everyone else? 

That’s easy — we care.

We treat every property we manage as if it were our own. Every house is unique in its own way, and with Asset Hero Property Management, we bring that individuality out and let it shine. With other management groups, your property is just another number, no different than any other.

Don’t get lost in the numbers and be forgotten. Let us take care of your investment the right way, with proven methods that set us apart from the rest.

So what makes Asset Hero Property Management the obvious choice above all others? Here’s a breakdown of the things that make us the absolute best manager for your investment.

Asset Hero Property Management – Rent Collection Image

We make paying rent easy for our tenants by accepting many different forms of payment including EFT’s (electronic funds transfer), credit cards, cashiers’ checks, money orders, and personal checks. To top it off, we send the tenants monthly rent reminders as well as automated past-due alerts to ensure that rent is collected on time and consistently. All collected rents and other income will be sent out to you monthly via EFT or check. With this, you will receive a statement that gives you a breakdown of all income and expenses for the month.

Asset Hero Property Management – Online Portal Image

Staying up-to-date with technology is important, and offering a user-friendly online portal for each tenant and owner/investor is a key aspect in staying on the cutting edge of that technology. Each online account gives you access to all documents, ledgers, rent rolls, inspection reports, rental analysis reports, and the ability to send funds if needed.

With your online portal, you can see how your investment is doing at any given moment.

Asset Hero Property Management – Bookkeeping Image

Let us do the hard work for you by taking care of all the necessary bookkeeping that comes with owning an investment property. This includes detailed records of rent payments, security deposits, pet deposits, prepaid rent, maintenance expenses, gross/net profit margins, reconciliations of your property accounts, and more.

We make sure to keep detailed records on all of your accounts so that you can maximize your profitability when tax season rolls around.

Asset Hero Property Management – Maintenance Coordination

Maintenance is inevitable, unfortunately. That’s why it’s important to have a good property manager that knows the right vendors to use — for the right price.

Our experience in the maintenance industry has given us a competitive edge in knowing who to call to get the job done right. Our extensive relationships with our vendors will also give you peace of mind, knowing that your investment will be taken care of the way it should be.

Asset Hero Property Management – 24/7 Emergency Response

Emergencies happen, and when they do, we are always ready to handle it at any given moment. Anything that could affect the safety or well-being of your tenants or could cause catastrophic damage to your investment — we treat it as an emergency. Handling emergencies quickly is essential to preserving your relationship with your tenants and, of course, protecting your most valuable asset.

Asset Hero Property Management – Year Income/Expense Documents

This goes hand-in-hand with proper bookkeeping. Without it, you cannot have an organized breakdown of how your investment has performed over the course of the previous year.

At the beginning of every year, you will receive a detailed breakdown of how your investment did the previous year, along with a MISC-1099 document for tax purposes. With this analysis, we can also find out what we can do better to improve your overall revenue for the upcoming year.

Asset Hero Property Management – Yearly Rental Analysis Report

Once a year, prior to leasing season, we provide a free rental analysis report that gives you extreme details on what the market is like around your investment.

This allows us to get a rent estimate price that gives you the most bang for your buck. To support this accurate estimate, the report includes saturation benchmarks, multiple rental comparisons, vacancy rate, county trends, area gross yield, rental trends and much more. This report establishes the foundation of what you can expect to get for your investment for a particular time period.


It is extremely important to do a routine assessment of your investment to properly take care of it and to prevent major expenses down the road.

We take a lot of pride in our unique inspection reports, as they are tailored specifically towards each individual property. No two inspection reports are alike — just as no two properties are alike. Each inspection we perform provides multiple high-quality photos, both inside and outside of the unit, along with descriptions of any issues found. A timestamp is on each inspection is included with the inspector’s signature.

We take pride in our ability to screen tenants well, and we prove that with our 180-day and 360-day tenant replacement guarantees.

If at any point during this timeline the occupants default on the lease, we will find new tenants at no cost to you. This means that you would not have to worry about paying another lease fee to find the tenants for your investments.

Renting your investment is a risk all on its own. You can’t help but think about what you can do when a tenant doesn’t pay.

We’re here to alleviate that worry! We collect rent on time and eliminate the risk of nonpayment.  If we are unable to collect the full amount of rent, you will receive all late fees associated with the late payment for that month.  You shouldn’t have to suffer from nonpayment of rent — you should only benefit from the actions of your property manager!

Nobody likes to deal with eviction — especially with the toll it can take on your wallet. It’s a time-consuming process that requires patience and more patience. But sometimes evicting a tenant cannot be avoided, so being ready for the expense of this long, drawn-out process is a must. For a small monthly fee, we will take care of all legal filing fees associated with the process of evicting a tenant if the occasion arises, relieving you of any financial stress that comes along with it.

We want you to be happy with our quality services and be assured that the decision you made for us to take care of your most valuable asset was the right choice.

If for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with what we’ve delivered, we will alleviate all liabilities by terminating the contract. Of course, we would hate to see you go, but we do understand that not all business relationships are a good fit.

Presentation is so important when it comes to marketing your investment property.  In today’s world of ever-changing technology, prospective tenants are increasingly looking online before even thinking about taking a tour of a property.

The first things they will see are photos of your investment, which is why it is vital to have visuals that will capture their attention and show them that your property is the perfect place for them.  Let the uniqueness of your property shine with professional property photos!

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