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Move In Resources


Moving into your new home can be stressful.  Make sure that you have everything done and ready to go prior to your move in date.  Below is a step-by-step process to help streamline your move in day.  Keys cannot be dispersed to you until all of the following are completed.  In addition to following the below steps, we highly recommend reviewing the Tenant Handbook for more information which is located on your online portal.


Make sure all deposits are paid in full.  This includes both Security Deposits and Pet Deposits.  You can check your balance on your account 24/7 by clicking the link below.

Pay Deposits

If you have a Lease Guarantor (cosigner), then their paperwork must be submitted prior to move in day.  So make sure that this is completed, by giving us a call at (979) 353-2567 or following link below.

Contact Us

All utilities for the unit must be switched into the Tenant’s name no later than the move in date.  If you have roommates, you can utilize services such as Simple Bills to set up utilities so that each roommate is only responsible for their portion.  Additionally, below is a link to utility providers to contact for connection.  Proof of connection will be required before keys being dispensed.

Utility Providers Downloadable Utility Providers Handout (PDF)

Your first months rent will be due in full no later than your move in date.  If you do not move in on the 1st of the month, then you will owe a prorated amount of a full months rent.  Please note that if you have roommates, the entire rent is due, not just a portion.  Whether you move in on the commencement date or not, the first months rent/prorated rent is due, so please make sure to get this paid to avoid late fees!  You can check your balance on your account 24/7 by clicking the link below:

Pay Rent

One Tenant is allowed to pick up keys for all Tenant’s listed on the lease.  Guarantors are also permitted to pick up keys.  Please that the first person to pick up keys will get all of the keys.  If you want additional keys, we can cut key copies for a discounted price.  Please pick up keys at our office location during normal business hours:

The Inventory and Condition Form is your way to protect yourself from previous damages to the property, if any, from past tenant neglect.  Although we do a complete Make-Ready on the property prior to your move in, sometimes, minor things are missed, so please note your findings on the form and return to our office within the designated time frame noted in your lease.  Please log onto your online portal for access to the form.


After you move in, you may occasionally find some minor maintenance issues with the property.  At Asset Hero Property Management, we are always on stand by to receive your requests.  Before making a request, please make sure that it is not something that is considered Tenant responsibility such as clogged drains, light bulb replacements, battery replacements, or dirty air filters.  We utilize an automated software to help coordinate all of our requests.  It insures constant communication with you about your request.  We will create this account for you when you pick up keys.  You can call us directly to submit a request at (979) 353-2567 by following the prompter, or submit the request directly online at the link below.  By submitting the request online you can chat directly with the vendor or Asset Hero Property Management, as well as get real time updates and submit pictures/videos of the request.

Request Maintenance

We are excited to have you part of the Asset Hero family and look forward to working with you!